SantaVision.TV is a an interactive holiday experience which provides an opportunity for children of all ages a visit with Santa "live" at the North Pole on ColossoVision’s high resolution outdoor LED screen (Jumbotron).  This is all done with the magic of Video Production and Webcast Technologies.


Visitors will be able to talk to Santa and ask the questions they've always wanted such as what is like to live in the North Pole, what’s the hottest toy for this Christmas, and of course, who’s getting coal in their stocking?  Participants / Visitors can then go to the SantaVision.TV website after their visit and download a personalized video of their experience with Santa.


SantaVision began at the Calgary Zoo in December 2007 and became one of the most popular attractions during Zoo Lights. It attracted millions of viewers across Canada, United States, and globally with friends, family, and visitors to SantaVision’s website, presenting the interactivity between Santa and the guests.  CityTV, CTV, CBC, Global and Shaw TV, also visited our site and interviewed Santa on the large screen. Media exposure was a constant over the six years of this production. The support for SantaVision was incredible with over millionS visitors to SantaVision.TV's  site in the final year.

After SantaVision’s successful run, from 2007-2013, ColossoVision made a difficult decision to retire the production at ZooLights. Now with social distancing as a requirement for any outdoor events in 2020 our family and team look forward to the possibility of providing this production again.


The pictures shown on this page are from previous years. ColossoVision has adapted our productions for 2020 to minimize contact with people as well as microphones. The Production will take place and be based on the  safety requirements of the Provincial Health Services and the venue.

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